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The Yummiest GF + Vegan Granola

Updated: Jan 23

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today is the day.

I am so excited to share my first recipe with you all. This is by far the BEST, granola cluster combinations that will blow your vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, dietary need dreams away. It came after lots of trying different combinations, practice and tough love but the outcome was totally worth it. I promise you it will become your new reason to stop buying store bought granola.

I am a morning person, so when it comes to breakfast, the food I like to eat is simplistic, filling, and most importantly also good nourishment for both mind and body as my day is just starting out. I have always loved granola, yet my body never loved the idea of digesting store bought granola with ingredients I can never pronounce. Its always given me the opposite of a morning boost, and instead gave me a sugar spike followed by dragging feat all throughout the rest of my day.

No, no, no, no, no. After a while, enough was enough.

Sweetness. Chunkiness. Simplicity.

The combination I have come up with involves these three things and its heavenly. The way granola should be.

In the beginning of this whole process I looked at multiple different recipes just to figure out proportions and ingredients. I came across a recipe from delightful adventures and I loved the ingredients she used in her granola. Particularly because of how simplistic and wholistic they were. So after making it ingredient for ingredient I decided that it wasn't quite to the granola standard I had in mind. Chunkiness + Chewiness were the missing pieces on my mind. So I opened the fridge for inspiration. My secret ingredient that made all the difference came down something that is thick, sticky and sweet. Sunflower seed butter. Now I whole heartedly believe that you can use peanut butter, cashew butter or really any nut butter that fits your fancy as long as it is organic and a liquid consistency.

By adding this one ingredient it allowed for the granola to have more clusters yet also added a surplus amount of protein, a key nutritional component most people don’t end up getting enough of in their food let alone in the morning.

Being plant based, this is the one thing that is often hard to make a priority in meals, you have to strategize how you're going to get enough adequate protein in that will be nutritionally sufficient. So I tackle this issue at breakfast without having to choke down a gritty protein shake and friends its so good.

What comes with a serving of this granola are big beautiful bites of fiber, all natural and whole ingredients with no additives, and low glycemic coconut sweetener that perfectly folds into the flavor of the rest of the ingredients. I use coconut oil because it is a very good oil for this type of recipe. Personally I think coconut oil gets too much of a bad rep, in small quantities it actually provides good healthy fats that are good for the brain and healthy fatty acids. Yet like any good thing too much of it can start to have to opposite effect on your body so I tend to only use it when I bake cakes and other treats as well as baked goods. Honestly I would not categorize this as a coconut granola because once it is baked, the coconut it very hard to notice. In general it isn’t a very bold flavor to begin with so you normally cant pick up on it. Thats why I enjoy messing with different flavors to the base recipe. Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, any Berry or even throw some citrus up in their (the blueberry lemon combo is fantastic), its like a blank canvas, paint it how you please with ingredients you love. And for those chocolate lovers out there, melt the chocolate chips and throw it in. Or for those of you that cant have Chocolate, Carob works beautifully to and also has a ton of additional nutritional benefits.

Really it is so versatile and tasty, there really isn’t a reason not to make it. I love it and I love to make it. I hope that all of you will enjoy it as much as I have. I will link the inspiration recipe below for those of you who would rather opt out of having a nut or seed butter involved in your granola. Its a fantastic recipe as is, and still just as tasty. The seed/nut butter though is a addition totally worth you while 😉 The PDF/Printer friendly recipe rendition and articles for reference will all be linked below as well.

Until next time friends and enjoy!!

Hannah Faith

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Inspiration Recipe


Coconut Oil Benefits


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