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My Five Minute Rainbow Waffles

Updated: Jan 12

Hello Friends, I write to you once again from the shores of currently cloudy but usually sunny California. Home sweet home at last. It feels good to be back in the comfort of my own kitchen yet I do miss being in Boston. It is such a beautiful city and the food there is hard to recreate as it is the true Bostonian character in every dish that makes there food so yummy and a treat to get to indulge in. While I was away a weird craving came over me. The cause? I think its fair to say that it was all the yummy sounding tasty breakfast foods on the hotel menu that pushed me into a desperate craving for some good old fashion waffles. I don't normally crave foods my stomach can't agree with but when I saw Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes and Homemade Belgian Waffles on the menu naturally I longed the ability to pop into my kitchen and whip up my own vegan and gluten-free concoction. I also just love breakfast food so this recipe was bound to come about cravings or no cravings involved.

So when I got home from our trip, the next morning I was determined to whip something up. I definitely got a little carried away with color and flavor but they all hit the spot. My weeklong craving was finally satisfied and so were my hungry eyes. I was able to come up with not just one type of delicious waffle but three, all with superfood and antioxidant additions that make a perfect nutritional breakfast. With this recipe, I kept it super simple.

All the ingredients you can just toss into a blender and mix until they reach a nice thick and sticky consistency. Depending on the iron you have, heat it up to 325º F, oil slightly if need be, then place your batter in a spread it out evenly on the iron surface and cook. I use coconut oil because of the health benefits it has when it comes to brain health and healthy fatty omegas that our bodies need in small doses. Because these are vegan the most important ingredients that can't be skimped on whats so ever are the baking powder, chia seeds, and one of the base binders. For these, you can use either mashed banana, pumpkin, or organic applesauce. If you are wanting to make your waffles a pretty color I would suggest using the apple sauce or mashed banana but the pumpkin works and tastes great as the base for the flavor varieties I outline in the recipe.

These waffles or pancakes are great for anything from fast morning breakfast to a nice addition to Sunday brunch with family and friends. I love making these mini waffles, I think they are a perfect size and really great to experiment with when it comes to flavors you might love in breakfast food. This recipe makes four mini waffles and two large waffles depending on the iron you use. They are not gritty, they don't taste funky and the best part is that they cook up so nicely that they will trick even the pickiest of eaters into thinking they are eating glutinous buttermilk filled waffles at your table. With this recipe, the flavor variations are really endless. I am still coming up with combinations in my head as I type this. Anything you like to add to maybe smoothies or just love in your waffles can be added to the base recipe which makes these super versatile and easy to change for any occasion. And since I mentioned pancakes, yes the answers yes, you can totally make these pancakes if you prefer them over waffles. All you need is a skillet and the rest is pretty straight forward because if you a pancake lover like me you will know just how you like to cook your pancakes so they live up to your taste buds expectations. I absolutely love the mini waffle iron I use so I will link it in the description below. It's super easy to clean, heat up, and cook with on a daily basis and something that also is travel size if you just can't bare a trip without some waffles of your own. And isn't it just the cutest?

It was a super cheap investment and is available on Amazon and your local target. I highly recommend this product if you can't afford one of those big expensive waffle makers because it has a great quality to it but for a fraction of the cost. Really any of there products are such great finds and super fun to use if you're just starting out in the kitchen or an experienced chef. They are also fun for the family to use as well because who doesn't love small kitchen appliances? Mini anything is adorable I think we can all agree to that. I just finished a plate of my own waffles and writing about them is making me hungry for more. So I will leave it at this friends, The Incredibles movie is playing the background on this fine relaxing Monday morning so I am going to pop on over to the couch and spend some quality time with the family. Go make some waffles and let me know what you think by tagging me on Instagram and using the hashtag #feedingmindbodyandsoul! Till next time, Hannah Faith

My Favorite Mini Waffle Maker It's available on Amazon and Target! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M9I779L/ref=twister_B08DJTS4KQ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 The Recipe! Printer Friendly PDF

Five Minute Rainbow Waffles
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