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Minute Moringa Matcha Tea

Updated: Mar 28

But first, Matcha.

As far as mornings go, this is one of the best ways to start your day. One cup it may be, but it is a cup that is energy inducing, full of warm spice and a tasty elixir that is way better then your average cup of coffee. It goes beyond just raising your energy levels because of its superfood nature and serving of antioxidants that help your body start detoxing before the day even starts. Green is the way to go.

Matcha, although is known for helping boost mood and easing anxiety and stress, it is also a helps with giving you lots of good energy thanks to it being apart of the green tea family,

The benefits include being anti-inflammatory, enhancing brain function, promotes a healthy heart and is a known cancer preventive!

While it is emerald goodness all on its own, there is a reason I call this my serving of liquid super greens. In addition to the Matcha, my secret ingredient that always gets stirred in is Moringa Powder. Similar to Matcha, it is rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds but it also is a plant based protein source! That and it is packed with vitamins and minerals, aids in hormonal balance, improves digestion and it can help your sex life.

Two powders packed with a wide variety of ways to improve day to day life, now who could say no to that?

Minute Moringa Matcha Tea

•1 Cup of Plant Based Milk

•1 Tbs of Water

•1 Tbs of Agave

•1 Tsp of Matcha

•1 Tsp of Moringa

•1 Pinch of Cinnamon

•1 Pinch of Allspice (Optional, but highly recommend!)


  • In a pot, on medium high heat bring milk to a steady simmer, stirring for frothiness.

  • Taking a glass, combine water with your Matcha and Moringa, then add to your warming plant milk along with your agave or sweetener of choice.

  • Sprinkle in your Cinnamon and Allspice, take a long deep inhale, then pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

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