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A Warm Welcome & New Beginnings

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Good Morning my friends :) I am so excited to kick this blog off with all of you. For the past year and half I have been hard at work trying to get this platform up off the ground and today I finally am at the finish line of editing, changing backgrounds and fixing font styles. Tedious to say the least but totally worth it for the outcome and takeaway I hope to give each and every one of you.

Starting roughly at age twelve, the relationship between food and my body became toxic. Things that I could eat on a daily basis up until that point all of a sudden reeked havoc on my body. Inflammation would keep me from being able to just function and the stomach problems would more often then not have me bent down, hunched over my couch in efforts to try to ease my distended abdomen. At the time it really felt like any food I ate my body rejected so eating and family meal times became a sour point in my day. As a kid I was in love with food for all sorts of reasons, the way it looked, smelled and brought people together. It was magical substance that brought smiles to peoples faces and defiantly brought one to mine more times then I can remember. So my bodies rejection of food was not something I welcomed to say the least. When this starts to happen to anyone, your body becomes a walking, talking, human science experiment. I had to start to figure out what my body could and could not tolerate. I spent hours upon hours on the internet and found all sorts of diets, food plans and miracle elixir recipes. I was confident that at least one of them would ease my discomfort and allow me to indulge in toast again or drink hot coco without feeling awful afterwords. The harsh lesson I learned after years of trying all of these things was to never put your faith in the internet.

Near the end of my self experimentation frenzy, my mom who suffered the same stomach and food issues that I did had me watch a documentary called "Fed Up." This was a turning point for me. It detailed the way food in United States is made and processed but also touched heavily on how processed food has been a destructive grenade to the American diet, greatly impacting the overall health of people who live in the United States. Type 2 diabetes for example was once known as “adult onset diabetes.” It also was something virtually unheard of in children over the span of the last couple decades. In 1980, there were zero childhood cases of the condition. In 2010, there were 57,636. The connection between this and the way diets in America have changed over the span of the last fifty years was for me the most interesting part. As America became more processed illness, disease and intolerances soared sky rocketed and to this day continue to do so. The food we put into our bodies truly matters. After I watched this documentary... I watched more.

In these last couple of years food documentaries have captured my attention because to me they are a cache of information ordinary Americans don’t know about and should be made aware of. Many people find themselves at the mercy of the American healthcare system to treat their pain and discomfort and from that the never ending cycle of prescription drugs and hospital visits was born. The relationship between the human diet and human disease in the United States is something that ordinary patients are not made aware of enough and many medical professionals have and still commonly dismiss as a true cause for medical issues in patients. For to long diet has been simple associated with weight gain or loss when in reality it affects us on such a deeper level. Gluten. Dairy. Meat. I like to call these three the unholy trinity. Over these past couple of years I have studied this food triangle a lot especially when it comes to the way they effect the human body. For me they are my worst offenders, yet also impact the health of billions of people in ways that aren’t in my opinion studied enough. I am no expert, but this is something I have come to understand through my personal experience.

Today I choose to cook without involving the unholy trinity for the sake of my stomach and sanity. I know that I am not alone in struggles involving food intolerances, especially when it comes to these food groups in particular so this is why I want to share all that I have come to learn and understand. I don't confine to labels, because over the course of the past couple years the way I cook, eat and prepare meals has became a lifestyle. Its a lifestyle full of flavor and taste I cant wait to share with you all. I wish I knew what else to say but over the course of our journey together hopefully you all will get to know me more, more words will be written and more food will eaten (fingers crossed its enjoyed) Get excited, I am :)

Until next time my friends so go forth and make the day yours, Hannah Faith P.S. Here are the best takeaways from Fed Up, its available on Netflix and Amazon Prime for streaming, I highly recommend it :) https://www.onemedical.com/blog/newsworthy/fed-up-movie/ and don't forget to follow me on social media for daily updates and recipes 😊

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