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My journey really begins and ends with my camera. When I picked up my first camera, my understanding of everyday ordinary life was flipped upside down and the direction of my life changed forever. I was about ten years old when I started taking photos and ever since it has been a constant in my life, shaping how I view and see the world on a daily basis. Overtime when it came to photography, my goal became to capture images deeply contextualized with meaning unseen to the human eye and to have each of them tell a uniquely different story that wouldn’t be forgotten. 


Fred R. Barnard said it best though, "A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is something that drew me into the storytelling an image can do, and something I strive to achieve in each image I take.  

Photography has been my passion for the last eight years of my life and yet has opened so many other doors to incredible life moments and opportunities I would ever never encountered on my own. I can call myself an artist, cook, yoga enthusiast, outdoorsy person all because of how photography allowed me to be confident in being beautifully different. To be a photographer you have to be bold and unapologetic about the things you desire to capture and the things you desire in life. It was a lesson in self-confidence that I needed to experience because of how socially awkward I felt around people and peers growing up. It is an art that offered me a journey, a story that I would do all over again in a heartbeat. live in the sunny state of California today but hope to one day see the world. I dream about the day I can begin to set foot in all different sorts of cities and countries, with art, food, people, and history just waiting to be uncovered and explored.


Food I think in particular is such a unique love language, and through my passion for food, I have come to find a love for cooking and naturing both my soul and others. 


Food and I have not always gotten along but through continuing to learn and educate myself on the ways we can make food work for our bodies not against them, I have found ways to create meals that are impeccably delicious yet good for both body and mind. I cook best with ingredients that come straight from the dirt than to my table because it's the simplicity in this type of nourishment that creates a nontoxic relationship between you and food. Being a person with many different health issues, what we eat is something I believe strongly impacts your well being and quality of life in ways many most don’t understand because of a lack of information available. I want to spread that knowledge because everyone deserves to feel good, and still eat happy alongside everybody else. There is no dieting involved in what I teach, I promise because I want to give you a way to adapt a permanent rapport with food that will taste and make you feel great all at once.  I want to help you find a lifestyle that will work for you because life is too short to obsess over how many calories this or how many carbs that. 


By now you can probably tell that I am a wordy person. My family also means the world to me. So naturally, a podcast was born. Me and my younger sister, Grace, decided to do “Let's Talk Lemons” because of our love for midnight meaningful conversations that have shaped who we are today. We also believe that more of us need a pick me up that doesn’t involve caffeine and with our podcast that is our goal with all the content we create. The whole world focuses on the negative side of life and tends to highlight all that's wrong on a daily basis. This is toxic and being someone that struggles with anxiety, having this be the constant scroll through on Instagram or headline in the papers is just too much sometimes. Negativity is contagious, yet so is positivity. More of us just have to focus on it in order for the rest of the world to start to see it again. So we chat, laugh, and find a way to spread the message of positivity for the sake of bringing a smile to your face any time of the day. We talk about the lemons in life and somehow find a way to make lemonade from them.


I want to change the world. That is the ultimate goal for me as I am looking forward to college and the rest of my life. Most importantly I want to help people, influence those around me and show people beautiful meaning that too often goes amiss in all sorts of different things. I am not going to say I am shooting for the stars or dreaming too big because its through daring to dream and think outside the box that the possibility to create lasting change can occur.  I can’t wait to see how all these amazing parts of my life allow me to continue to make an impactful difference, and I can’t wait for the adventure that is yet to come. 


I use to think the unknown was scary, I know now it just has to be embraced with an open mind and in my case, with a camera, spatula and the wisdom I have learned so far

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